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Your Virtual Companion and Voice in your Community

The Awe logo is a unifying symbol that represents the collective experiences of all South Africans. The logo incorporates the colors of the South African flag and a traditional hat to honor the country's cultural heritage and make it easily recognizable. By creating a genderless, raceless, and cheerful character named ``Awe,`` the company demonstrates its commitment to serving all South Africans, regardless of their background. This inclusive branding approach fosters trust and a sense of belonging among users, who can rest assured that Awe is designed to meet their needs and represent their interests. Overall, the Awe logo is well-designed and thoughtfully represents the company's values and mission. It has the potential to become a powerful symbol of progress and unity in South Africa, helping to drive positive change in the country.

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Meet Awes’ Partners... They ALL help him to get his Job done!

The effectiveness of Awe's platform in improving service delivery and emergency response in South Africa is enhanced by its partnerships with a range of entities, including security companies, response services, municipalities, and other community organizations. These partnerships allow Awe to integrate with existing emergency response systems and provide users with easy access to emergency services. In addition, partnerships with municipalities enable Awe to streamline the reporting of service delivery issues, ensuring that they are addressed more efficiently. By leveraging these partnerships, Awe is able to provide a comprehensive platform that connects citizens, responders, and authorities, improving communication and increasing transparency.

How it Works

So what exactly is the Awe Initiative?

The Awe Initiative is not just a mobile application but a movement aimed at promoting unity, fostering positive change, and improving service delivery in South Africa. With its innovative approach and unique features, Awe is well-equipped to address some of the country's most pressing issues. Awe enables citizens to report infrastructure problems and track the status of their reported issues, revolutionizing traditional service delivery models. With a goal of creating safer and more responsive communities, Awe is disrupting the existing system and offering a sustainable solution that can help South Africa become a more transparent, less corrupt, and better country. Overall, the Awe Initiative represents a significant step forward in South Africa's journey towards progress and unity.

Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5

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Benefits of the AWE Initiative for South African Youth

  • The AWE app empowers young South Africans to report service delivery issues and voice their concerns giving them a platform to make their voices heard.
  • By promoting youth participation in civic engagement and community development AWE is creating a culture of activism that leads to positive change and progress.
  • AWE's innovative approach to improving service delivery and increasing accountability is contributing to social and economic development in South Africa with the potential to benefit the entire nation.
  • AWE provides a platform for emerging leaders to drive change and build a more engaged civil society fostering a new generation of passionate and dedicated individuals committed to making a difference.
  • By shaping a brighter and more prosperous future for all South Africans AWE is helping to create a more equitable and just society where every citizen has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.
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Join AWE and Be an Active Citizen for a Better South Africa!

  • 1. Access to an easy-to-use safety tool
  • 2. Empowerment to hold local authorities accountable for service delivery
  • 3. Ability to make a difference in your community
  • 4. Peace of mind with panic button and geolocation features
  • 5. Be part of a movement for change and build a better South Africa for future generations